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Children Welfare Award (Bal Hitkari Purasakar) was established in B.S. 2045 on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the corporation in co-operation with the Children Welfare Trust. Child Welfare Prize worth NRS 25000 and provided to organizations and individuals who have made substantial contribution to the educational, psychological, intellectual and physical growth of children. This award is distributed every year on the occasion of the annual anniversary of the corporation. The individuals and organizations who have received the Children Welfare Prize are as follows:

1) Jointly to Mr. Bashudev Mulal, Kathmandu (Year 2045 B.S.) - for the growth of children through various programs in radio Nepal including quiz, social study programs, drama, musical programs, pen friend programs ever since the establishment of Radio Nepal and Mr. Krishna Prashad Parajuli, Bhotebahal, Kathmandu (Year 2045 B.S.) - for writing and publishing children stories, poems and songs and contributing to the growth of children. (2) Mr. Janak Prashad Humagai Balthali, Kavrepalanchok (Year 2046 B.S.) - for establishing schools along with writing children songs for public awareness on the pitiful condition of children. (3) Jointly to Mrs. Rama Sharma, Rukum (Year 2047 B.S.) – for Providing social service for children welfare and service as a school teacher in Bal Mandir and Mrs. Sahili Sharma (Acharya), Dolkha District, Tung Khola (Year 2047 B.S.)- for serving as a dedicated nanny at a child care center for child welfare. (4) Mr. Devi Prashad Banbasi, Shyangja, ward no. 6, Dhunbase (Year 2048 B.S.) – for the contribution to child welfare in the field of child literature by writing and publishing poems and articles. (5) Mr. Daibagya Raj Neupane, Bhojpur (Year 2049 B.S.) - for contributing in the field of children literature by writing various children songs and poems and developing various reading materials for children for the last 25 years (he has been able to establish himself as the favorite writer among children). (6) Shree Paropakar Sanstha, Kathmandu (Year 2050 B.S.) - for making substantial contribution to orphans and being an organization contributing in the social service sector of the country. (7) Mrs. Sita Pokharel, Founder of Purvanchal Anath Ashram (Bal Sewa Griha), Biratnagar (Year 2051 B.S.) - for the movement "Muthi Dan" and helping and providing shelter to the children, women and elderly people in need. (8) Dr. Mahendra Prashad (Year 2052 B.S.) – for his contribution as the first child specialist (doctor) of Nepal to improve child health for several years. (9) Heart Foundation, Lalitpur (Year 2053 B.S.) – for provided heart checkup of school children of Lalitpur and protecting them from various fatal heart and other related diseases. (10) Jumla Community Health Program, Save the Children Program, Under Mahendra Samjhana Health Association, Jumla (Year 2054 B.S.) - for organizing health check up of around 14,000 children in around 30 V.D.Cs of Jumla. (11) Mr. Ramesh Shrestha, Kathmandu (Year 2055 B.S.) – for his contribution in the literature sector by writing and singing child-related songs for the development of children. (12) "Balmanch Nepal" (Year 2056 B.S.) - for his contribution made to publish child-related, organizing frequent literary & art competitions and providing clothing and health checkup for the children to boost up their talent, nationality, education and intellectual growth. (13) Mr. Gopal Parajuli, Baneshwor, Kathmandu (Year 2057 B.S.) – for his contribution in publishing articles useful for mental and intellectual development of children. (14) Sambodhan Sadhana Kendra, Jhapa, Dhulabari (Year 2058 B.S.) - for making immense contribution for the development of orphan, needy children and public awakening for the protection of their lives. (15) Mrs. Surya Kumar K.C. "Aama", S.O.S Balgram, Bhaktapur (Year 2059 B.S.) - for her more than 30 years contribution for providing love, care (standing as a symbol of mother) and shelter for the homeless and needy children. (16) Dr. Shudha S. Rauniyar, Founder of Balbhojan Karyakram-Nepal And Village School-collage scholarship Program-nepal, Kathmandu (Year 2060 B.S.) – for providing food, scholarship for education and shelter to thousands of poor street children.