Social Responsibilities > Hem Bahadur Malla Best Service Award

This award was established in 2058 B.S. to encourage staff that provide the best service in STC. This award goes to one officer level employee and one non-officer level employee who serve remarkably to the corporation. The amount of the award is NRS 10000 for Officer Level employee and NRS 5000 for non-officer level employee.

Among Officer Level Employees: 1) Mr. Mohan Prasad Joshi (Year 2058 B.S.) among senior staff (2) Mr. Manoj Acharya (Year 2059 B.S.) (3) Mr.

Among Non-Officer Level Employees: 1) Mr. Dashrath Bahadur Shrestha (Year 2058 B.S.) based on hierarchy of non-officer level staff (2) Mr. Ishwara Shrestha (Year 2059 B.S.) (3) Mr.