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STC has the following objectives:

  • Import salt at reasonable rates and manage its distribution all over Nepal.
  • Import, export and distribute other daily consumer goods and items as per the need of the country.
  • Open and operate branches sub-branch depots and offices in different parts of the country for purpose of import, export and distribution activities.
  • Expand offices in all districts of the country.
  • Invest in foreign companies, work in joint venture with foreign companies, and do business and trade by registering company abroad.
  • Work as agent and representative of the corporation for export, import and trade.
  • Establish, develop and expand its factories, machineries, vehicles and raw materials including other goods, semi- processed materials and processed materials.
  • Establish new industries and reinvest in old established industries.
  • Produce, import, sell and distribute chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Purchase land and get involved in sales and distribution of housing and leasing, construct housing units, plot and plan Real Estate assets and related works. It is evident objectives mentioned above that STC was formed not as a commercial profit making enterprise, but as an inherently service oriented organization.

Corporate Value:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Service Excellence
  • No to production of demerit goods
  • Legal transactions
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • High Performance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Transparency
  • Social Responsibility
  • Trust, respect and dignity for our Code of Business Conduct

Corporate Code of Conduct (Our Commitment):
We treat each other with respect and do not permit intimidation, discrimination or harassment in the workplace. We are committed to maintaining high quality, reasonable prices and systems for easy availability of STC goods and services in the country throughout the year. We respect the code and apply it to our work every day. We focus on doing the right thing  upholding our shared commitment to complying with rules, regulations and internal policies. This Code applies to all employees of STC around the country.

Our Commitment to Honesty and to Each Other

  • Our commitment to value system: We are honest and act with integrity.
  • We take client confidentiality very seriously.
  • We support a work environment that is inclusive and diverse.
  • We create a safe and secure place to work.

Our Commitment to Business and Shareholders:

  • We protect the Company's physical assets and intellectual property (including protecting ideas, research, inventions, proprietary information, and the STC brand itself).
  • We avoid and resolve conflicts of interest.
  • We manage the Company’s records and information appropriately.
  • We use electronic communications responsibly.
  • We are consistent in our business practices across our markets.
  • We strive to do business with ethical suppliers.

    Our Commitment to Our Customers:
  • We follow ethical sales practices.
  • We guard the privacy of our customers’ communications.
  • We comply with regulations that apply to government customers.
  • Misleading information and advertisements will not be presented. Our Commitment to Our Community.
  • We support community activities.
  • We communicate honestly.
  • We must be concerned about the environment.

Our Commitment to Others:

  • We maintain integrity in our financial reporting.

Our Commitment to the Code:

Guiding Principles (Our Ways of Working):

  • Needs of Society/ Community
  • Compliance with our standards
  • Professionalism and guarantee of quality (Quality First)
  • Consumer-Centric Perspective (Customers/ Customer Focus)
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovative solutions (Innovations)
  • Comprehensive product portfolio and continuous improvement
  • Strategic approach to solutions
  • Understanding Local Situation
  • Spirit of accepting Challenges
  • Flexibility and Promptness
  • Human Resource/ Employees
  • Employees Involvement and Teamwork
  • Employees Source of Strength &and Team of experts
  • Business Partners
  • Transform