Notice > Notice Of Chemical Fertilizer Urea 25000 M/Tn

Invitation for Bids

(Bid notice)

Salt Trading Corporation Limited

International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

Invitation for bids for the supply of Chemical Fertilizer

Bid Identification No: STC/TN/U/2080/081/0006

  1. Salt Trading Corporation Limited (STCL) invites sealed bids (hereinafter called the “Bid”) from eligible bidders, for the procurement of the following chemical fertilizer (hereinafter called the


Chemical Fertilizer


Quantity in Metric Tons

Shipping tolerance




+/- 2 percent

  1. The following are the various timeline associated with the bid:

Tender details



First date of publication

November 29th, 2023


Purchase of documents

All working days within December 22nd, 2023

Within 1200 hours

Last date of submission of technical documents

All working days within December 22nd, 2023

Within 1300 hours

Opening of technical bid documents

December 22nd, 2023

At 1400 hours

Publication of technically qualified bidders

December 24th, 2023

Within 1700 hours

Submission of financial bids

December 29th, 2023

Within 1300 hours

Opening of financial bids

December 29th, 2023

At 1400 hours

  1. The bid documents will comprise of two documents: (i) the technical bid document, and (ii) the financial bid documents. Disclosure of the price offer in the technical document will render the bidder as disqualified and the entire submission will be treated as non-responsive.
  2. The technical and financial bids shall be opened at the time as specified in clause 2 on this notice at the office of STCL, Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Financial bids must be valid for a period of 21 days counting from the day of the financial bid opening.
  3. Bidder must quote the price in United States Dollars for the supply and delivery of above-mentioned Chemical Fertilizer on CIP warehouses delivery price on all of the following delivery points that are STCL Biratnagar, Birgunj and Bhairahawa warehouse. In case the bidder is an entity of Nepal, they must quote as per the prevailing law of Nepal and the directive(s) of Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank). For evaluation purposes only, the rate of exchange will be the selling rates officially prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank and prevailing on the date of opening of the tender. Payments will be done in United States Dollars.
  4. Bid applicant must have prior experience of having supplied a minimum of the bid quantity of any chemical fertilizer to Nepal or any other countries during the last three years. The experience eligibility criteria are mentioned in clause 14, section B of the technical bid document.
  5. The tender document can be obtained upon payment of a non-refundable fee of NRs 10,000.00 (Nepali Rupees ten thousand only) in cash or in form of bank receipt (bank account available upon request) for fee in favor of Salt Trading Corporation Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  6. Eligible bidders (principal) or their authorized representative can purchase the two signed and endorsed tender document on or before the time specified in clause 2 of this notice from STCL, Central Office, Kalimati, Kathmandu, Tel: +977-1-5371014, 5371208 and 5382022, e-mail: by submitting a written application. In case of foreign bidder, the application letter must be in the local representative letterhead along with notarized copies of the following documents: (i) company/firm registration certificate of local representative, (ii) VAT/PAN certificate of local representative, (iii) recent tax clearance certificate of local representative, and (iv) authority letter issued by the eligible foreign bidder stating their intention to participate in the tender and also authorizing the said local representative company and name of assigned person to purchase the set of tender documents on their behalf. In case the bid is by a Nepali company, then the application letter must be issued by the said company duly stating that they themselves are the eligible bidders. In such a case, the Nepali bidder must submit notarized copies of their (i) company registration certificate, (ii) PAN/VAT registration certificate, and (iii) recent tax clearance certificate. In case foreign companies register a joint venture (JV) with Nepali company for the purpose of bidding in this contract, the said JV Company will have to submit all documents as applicable for Nepali bidders as well as a copy of the JV agreement. Eligible Bidders may be a private entity, government owned entity or any combination of them with a formal intent to enter into a contract.
  7. After evaluation of the technical bids, a list of the qualified bidders name will be published in the company’s website and the bulletin board of STCL head office within the time as specified in clause 2 on this notice.
  8. All interested bidders can attend the pre-bid meeting organized by STCL at its Kalimati, Kathmandu premises at 1400 hours of December 20th, 2023 to discuss confusions in the tender documents, if any. In case corrections are to be made as a result of the discussion at the said pre-bid meeting, the same will be incorporated in an amended tender document. The bidders are expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and specifications in the bidding document. Failure to furnish all information required by the bidding documents or submission of a bid not substantially responsive to the bidding document in every respect shall be at the bidder’s risk and will result in the rejection of its bid.
  9. If the last date of purchasing, submission and opening of the bids (both technical and financial bid) falls on a Nepal Government holiday or a last minute holiday declaration by the Nepal Government, then the next working day for each subsequent phase of the tender bid shall be considered. In such a case, the bid validity and bid security validity shall be recognized with effect from the original bid submission deadline.
  10. Purchased bid documents will be valid only for specified principal supplier.
  11. The Purchaser (STCL) reserves the right to accept or reject the bid and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to the award of the contract without assigning any reason whatsoever.