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Manufacturing/ Industrial Production (with STC Investment): Apart from its trading activities for supplying essential needs to the common people, STC is involved in many industrial houses by either owning and conducting operations on its own or being an active participant by being a joint investor or a major shareholder. The Salt Trading Group set foot into this field more than two decades ago (since 1983 AD) and has played a pivotal role in bringing about an industrial revolution in the country ever since. It has been a pioneer in utilizing latest technologies in its processes and introducing new products. This organization manages numerous establishments. Many of which is ranked as the oldest in the country. Manufacturers of the most renowned products with its own investment in industries such as Sugar Industry, Wheat Processing Industry, Rubber Industry, LP Gas Industry, Oil & Ghee Industry.

Salt Trading Corporation has group of companies that are run as subsidiary companies ……….Please make a link file (Biotech Seeds Center Limited, Himalayan Fruits Limited, Himalayan Food and Packaging Udhyog Limited, Himal Vegetable Company Limited, Janaki Kagaj Udhyog Limited, Kumari Tea State Company Limited, Lekali Jadibuti Udhyog Limited, Mountain Floriculture Limited, Mountain Sheri Culture Industries Limited, Uphar Housing Company Limited)

Companies that are run as partial investment ……….please make a link file (Nepal Industrial Development Cooperation (NIDC) Limited, Nepal Coal Limited, Butwal Dhhago Karkhana Limited, Gharelu Hastakala Udhyog (P) Limited, Nepal Hastakala Company Limited, National Finance Company Limited, Siyan Seeds Service Center Limited, Axim International P Limited, Subarna Pharmaceutical Limited, Sajha Pasal Sewa, Sitsco Limited).