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iii. Gorakhkali Rubber Industry (GRUL) : Located in Majuwa, Deurali of Gorkha District, Gorakhkali Rubber Udhyog Ltd was established in 1992/1993 with a capacity of manufacturing 120,000 tyres per annum (truck tyres: 80,000 and non-truck tyres: 40,000). Currently, 12 different types of truck tyres, 5 types of light commercial vehicle tyres, and 6 types of passenger car tyres are being produced in the plant. The company is listed on the stock exchange and has 10,000 share holders from general public. In addition to Salt Trading Corporation, NIDC, NTL and Himal Cement Company being the main promoters, the Asian Development Bank is also a major shareholder. This industry is gradually replacing the foreign made tyres in the Nepalese market and with the robust growth in vehicle sales.