Notices > Calls For Enlistment Of Domestic Supplier For Fiscal Year 2077.078 (2020/2021)

Calls for Enlistment of Domestic Supplier for fiscal year 2077.078 (2020/2021)

First Publication date:August 11,2020

Last Submission date:August 25, 2020

Extended Submission Date:September 02, 2020 (2077.05.17)

The last date of the submission of the form regarding the enlistment of domestic suppliers has been extended up to September 02, 2020 due to prohibition (lock down) as a result of Corona Pandemic and all interested parties can collect the required form by 13:00 hours. The submission of the filled application must be completed by 15:00 hours on the said date. The form can also be downloaded from the website notice and a duly signed pdf file submission can also be done by sending an email to and within the deadline.

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