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Salt Trading Corporation (STC) Limited is one of the largest business organization in Nepal established as an experiment of the utility of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for a developing country under PPP act of Government of Nepal. About 48 years ago (established in 1963 AD), the corporation was launched with objective to avail iodized common salt (since salt is not produced in Nepal and depends on import from India and China) for all citizens throughout the country. In the long run of its dedicated service to the nation, STC has great contribution to ensure proper supply and distribution of essential daily consumable goods (listed in Nepal Government’s Gadget), erode black-marketing (regulate market & artificial scarcity) and industrial development in Nepal. With the proportion of 79:21 investment from private- public (state owned National Trading Limited), STC is managed by joint effort of state (Government) and private (shareholders). In the business journey, Salt Trading Corporation is a brilliant example of success that provides its services through 93 offices (22 Offices and 71 liaison offices) that include nearly whole population of the country as customers. STC has over 400 staff and has provided opportunities for over 1000 workers and laborers. The group has branches in all major towns in Nepal. STC has 5 production oriented factories. Salt Trading Corporation Limited makes all efforts to provide goods and services to the common people that have made STC a major catalyst in bringing about the desired economic changes and growth in Nepal. STC is not only focusing on providing its services to urban people (residing in towns and metropolis), it also reaches out to the poor and needy people of remote districts of Nepal (e.g. Himalayan regions). Realizing the need of quality products throughout the country by following the Government of Nepal’s policy, Salt Trading Corporation is moving towards business diversification by searching for new products, innovative thoughts and new markets. The organization engaged itself in corporate activities such as trade, import, export, manufacturing (production), processing, supply and distribution of a vast diversity of goods and services. Food products, agricultural products, construction materials, machinery and tools, paper products and other goods are the main commodities for trade and business. The central corporate office of Salt Trading Corporation is located at Kalimati, Kathmandu, with its zonal, branch, sub-branch and depot offices in different other parts of the country.

The people of Kathmandu Valley have been worshiping Lord Bhimsen as a protector of their business and trade. Four to five decades ago, it was very difficult to trade and do business with India and Tibet. Business at that time needed strength (to cope with the geographical situation) and honesty (to have faith on laborer or traders for goods and services) and for that reason, the citizens of the valley who were involved in business, used to pray to Lord Bhimsen regarding him as the symbol of power, integrity and honesty. That is why Salt Trading Corporation Limited has adopted Lord Bhimsen’s mace as its logo to symbolize power and honesty. Written under the mace are the words, “Satya Mewa Param Dhanam” which means “Honesty is the Greatest Wealth” and was taken from the Mahabharata. Hence, the logo of Salt Trading Corporation Limited symbolizes power and ethos of honest business practices. Salt Trading Corporation Limited is committed to abide by this value without any deviation both in principle and in practice. Salt Trading.