Social Responsibilities > Silver Jubilee Anniversary Celebration Awards

To celebrate the silver jubilee anniversary of the coronation of late King His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Sahadev’s Silver Jublee, STC Hitkari Guthi had organized a nation-wide essay competition with the theme “Salt in Nepal” in 2058.  The following top five students won and received the reward for their best essay:

1) Mr. Nirmal Adhikari (First prize, NRs. 10000) (2) Mr. Avtar Subedi (Second Prize, NRs. 7000) (3) Mr. Govinda Prasad Pandey (Third Prize, NRs. 5000) (4) Ms. Renu Khanal (Consolation prize, NRs. 2000) (5) Mr. Deepak Pudasaini (Consolation prize, NRs. 2000)