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We ensure our comprehensive product portfolio and continuous improvement by providing products that match customer’s demand, requirements and aspirations within an appropriate price range according to time. STC made proper utilization of its excellent distribution network existing all over the country. STC offers wide range of daily consumable goods (Salt, sugar, Rice, Pulses and beans including Lentil, Oil, wheat and derived products) as well as Paper and allied products, Gas and allied products (including Gas Regulator & Hose Pipes), Coal, Cement etc. We seek to ensure proper supply and distribution of edible iodized salt and other essential consumer goods throughout the country. Team effort, technological expertise, terms of service, quality issues and consumer awareness programs are the main achievements of STC making buyers feel that the corporation has made effective way to differentiate STC from other competitors.

All the products in STC undergo through quality control and certifications (such as NS) for the benefit of consumer and allow for an increased level of trust. This is our pleasure to inform our buyers of the quality control procedures that we have in place and we use to handle QC operations. Salt Trading Corporation sale its product & services under STC Brand.  STC provides the guarantee of all its products in terms of quality and price. Following are the products available in STC.

Tyre & Allied Products: Different sized trucks and non-trucks tyres and tubes are available.

Note: Orders must be placed directly from the sales offices of STC.