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This prize was established in 2052 B.S. as “Panini Award”. This prize is provided though World Hindu Federation to person or institution contributing remarkably to Hindu Religion, Culture and Literature. The prize consist NRS 25000 and is distributed yearly. The person and organization receiving this prize are:

1) Dr. Ramanada Giri, Devghat Ashram (Year 2052 B.S.) (2) Shree BharatRaj Sharma Mnathali, Dilibazar Kathmandu (Year 2053 B.S.) (3) Dr. Hari Prasad Sharma Acharya (Year 2054 B.S.) (4) Shree Bhimkant Panthi (Year 2055 B.S.) (5) Dr. Tika Ram Panthi (Year 2056 B.S.) (6) Professor Dr. Madhav Bhattrai (Year 2057 B.S.) (7) Professor Mukunda Saran Upaddhya (Year 2058 B.S.)