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The people of Kathmandu Valley have been worshiping Lord Bhimsen as a protector of their business and trade. Four to five decades ago, it was very difficult to trade and do business with India and Tibet. Business at that time needed strength (to cope with the geographical situation) and honesty (to have faith on laborer or traders for goods and services) and for that reason, the citizens of the valley who were involved in business, used to pray to Lord Bhimsen regarding him as the symbol of power, integrity and honesty. That is why Salt Trading Corporation Limited has adopted Lord Bhimsen’s mace as its logo to symbolize power and honesty. Written under the mace are the words, “Satya Mewa Param Dhanam” which means “Honesty is the Greatest Wealth” and was taken from the Mahabharata. Hence, the logo of Salt Trading Corporation Limited symbolizes power and ethos of honest business practices. Salt Trading Corporation Limited is committed to abide by this value without any deviation both in principle and in practice.