Notices > (R3) Invitation For Bids For The Supply Of 27,500 M. T. Chemical Fertilizer

Invitation for Bids

(Bid notice)

Salt Trading Corporation Limited

International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

Invitation for Bids for the supply of 27,500 M. T. Chemical Fertilizer

 Urea 46% N

Bid Identification No: STC/TN/U/2079/080/0001(R3)

Date of publication: August 18th, 2022

 Date of submission: August 26th, 2022


1.    Salt Trading Corporation Limited (STCL) invites sealed bids, from eligible bidders, for the procurement of 27,500 MT Chemical Fertilizer Urea 46% N (Herein after called the “Bid” / “Goods”)

2.    Bidder must quote the price in US Dollar for the supply and delivery of above-mentioned Chemical Fertilizer Urea 46% N. on CIP warehouses delivery basis on all of the following delivery points that are STCL Biratnagar, Birgunj and Bhairahawa warehouse. In case the bidder is an entity of Nepal, they must quote as per the prevailing law of Nepal and the directive(s) of Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank). For all evaluation purposes, the rate of exchange will be the selling rates officially prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank and prevailing on the date of opening of the tender.

3.    Bid applicant must have supplied at least 27,500 MT of any chemical fertilizer in Nepal or any other countries in the last three years.

4.    In case the successful bidder is an entity of Nepal, they must open their Letter of credit within 10 (ten) days of STCL issuing its letter of credit, the failure of which will lead to cancellation of the contract and forfeiture of performance bond.

5.    Prices quoted by the bidders shall be fixed during the bidder’s performance of the contract and shall not be subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable price will be treated as non-responsive and shall be rejected.

6.    Eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the office of STCL, Central Office, Kalimati, Kathmandu, Tel: +977-1-5371014/5371208, e-mail: For all correspondence purposes required by the successful bidder, the details will be provided later.

7.    Bidding documents may be purchased on or before 12:00 hours on August 26th, 2022 from the above office of STCL, Kathmandu by eligible Bidders (Principal) or their authorized agent on the submission of a written application, along with the copy of company/firm registration certificate, and VAT/PAN certificate (applicable to Nepali bidders and/or local agents only) upon payment of a non-refundable fee of NRs 10,000.00 (Nepali Rupees ten thousand only) in cash or in form of bank receipt (bank account available upon request) for fee in favor of Salt Trading Corporation Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal.

8.    Wax Sealed Bids must be submitted by the bidder or its authorized agent to the above office of STCL on or before­­­­­­ 13:00 hours of August 26th, 2022. Documents received after this deadline shall not be accepted.

9.    Bids must be valid for a period of 21 days counting from the day of bid opening and must be accompanied by bid security, amounting to 2.5% of the total value of the bid. The said bid security shall be valid for minimum 30 days beyond the bid validity period, i.e. the bid bond must have a minimum of 51 days’ validity including the date of opening of the bid.

10.  The bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and specifications in the bidding document. Failure to furnish all information required by the bidding documents or submission of a bid not substantially responsive to the bidding document in every respect shall be at the bidder’s risk and will result in the rejection of its bid.

11.  Bids shall be opened at 14:00 hours August 26th, 2022 at the office of STCL, Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. If the last date of purchasing, submission and opening falls on a government holiday or a last minute holiday declaration by the government, then the next working day shall be considered. In such a case, the bid validity and bid security validity shall be recognized with effect from the original bid submission deadline.
  2. STCL will open the required number of letter of credit for the consignment must be completed as per the delivery schedule provided in the bid.
  3. The Chemical Fertilizer Urea 46% N. must be shipped in one single lot within 30 days from the date of opening of L/C failure to which may lead to forfeiture of Performance Bank Guarantee and cancellation of the Contract. The delivery of the entire consignment must be completed as per the time schedule of tender (Annex III) specified in the tender document.

15.  Eligible Bidders may be a private entity, government owned entity or any combination of them with a formal intent to enter into a contract.

  1. In case of a force majeure event occurred in the country of the origin as mentioned in the bid during the execution of the contract, the supplier shall supply the goods from any other country acceptable to STCL so as to meet delivery schedule.
  2. Purchased bid document will be valid only for specified principal supplier.
  3. The name and identification of the contract are as follows: STC/U/2079/080/0001(R3)
  4. The Purchaser (STCL) reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to the award of the contract without assigning any reason whatsoever.